Monday, July 30, 2012

Soaking up the City

My sister Alison talks about "soaking up the city (Chicago)" all the time.  She's always on the go.  From one thing to the next... she doesn't want to miss anything.  I spent just one weekend day with her recently and I was exhausted from all the fun.

I've decided to take a cue form her.  Sunday night my folks came for a quick visit to South Bend, so I wanted to try something unique to the city. 
We went to Cafe Navarre on North Michigan Street in a renovated bank building.  Let me tell you... it was really good!
My parents were celebrating their 40th anniversary this week.  I think they're having more fun now tha they ever have!  Talk about "soaking" up life... they've really gotten good at it! 
Gunthorp Farms free range "airline breast" grilled with garlic and herbs, vegetable risotto, and chicken demi
Cafe Navarre offers a $25 "restaurant week" menu every Sunday.  The chicken was really fresh.  The waitress made sure to mention it was locally raised... so my Coach Chris would be thrilled to know it was fresh and hormone-free. 

So ... thumbs up to Cafe Navarre.... and to soaking up South Bend.

Oh... and guess who we ran into on the way out? 

Coach Brey. 

So that was cool too!

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