Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dinner on the Set With Tom and Traci

The Vine's Executive Chef Doug Schultz stopped by the FOX 28 Studio Wednesday to figure out exactly how he's going to pull off a bit of a challenge.... turn a TV Studio into a place fit for fine dining!

Chef Schultz has never served a fancy meal in this environment before!  But he has plenty of skill when it comes to creating awesome meals.  He plans on dishing up a four-course meal that would impress even the most picky foodie!  FOX 28 is teaming up with the VINE to auction of "Dinner on the Set with Tom and Traci."  The winning bid will help the Salvation Army's new KROC Center expand programs to help Michiana Families.
"I think when people spend a lot on dinner, they should be getting something they just can't cook at home. All of the stuff that I'm thinking about doing, nobody in their right mind without some sort of training could cook at home," Chef Schultz says.
Some of the potential menu items include Bacon Wrapped Scallops with Cauliflower Risotto, Duck Carpaccio with Baby Greens and Triple Berry Vinaigrette, Beef Wellington or Duck Roulade Stuffed with Goat Cheese!
How about for Dessert?  Perhaps a Fresh Rasberry Tiramisu, Creme Brule or Flourless Chocolate Cake.

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