Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bag-off! I challenge the best bagger in Michiana... and lose... terribly.

A local worker is going national in a competition that combines speed, accuracy and mental toughness.  Martin's Supermarket Employee Rob Mow is heading to The Super Bowl of Grocery-Bagging in Las Vegas.  

Professional Bagger Rob and I shake before the competition

In sports, and bagging groceries, they say practice makes perfect... so I challenged Rob to a friendly bag-off.

"You do know that your boss said if you lose to me, you don't get to go to Vegas," I told him before we shook hands.

"Ok," he said laughing.  Rob wasn't worried.  For good reason.  He finished in 30 seconds, then came over to help me bag the rest of my groceries. 

This guy's good.

He won the store competition, took home first place in the corporate bagging challenge and will compete at nationals in February at the National Grocers Association Best Bagger Contest in February.
Manager Maria is the Official Timer

Manager Maria Werder has already taken home the honor of second-runner up at a national competition.  She says Rob has talent you just can't teach.  "The natural ability just comes and it helps a lot.  He's got it," she says.

Werder says Rob has a great chance at bringing home the 2012 title.  "He's newly married, got a new family and stuff," she says.  "I'd just be so happy for him and for Martin's."

Rob has worked at Martin's for Seven Years.  He says he loves his job.

The top prize at nationals is $10,000.  "I'd use half for a down payment on a house," Rob says.  "And the other half to catch up on some bills."
"I'm very happy to have the support I've gotten," Rob says.  He hopes to bring the title and the prize home for his family.  "They're extremely proud of me."
If you don't think this is a serious competition...
check out this documentary!


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