Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Most Beautiful Sight These Eyes Have Ever Seen

Ned Beatty plays Daniel Ruettiger, Rudy's dad in the film, RUDY.  "This is the most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen,"  he says as he reaches the top of the steps and sees the field at Notre Dame Stadium for the first time.
Notre Dame Stadium
It was perhaps the most beautiful day ever for a football game Saturday, as the Irish beat Air Force in the highest scoring game ever at Notre Dame Stadium.  The last time I attended the game was years ago.  How long?  Well.. they were filming Rudy at the game!  The movie came out in 1993.

I won't remember the score.  I will remember the people and their pride.

Tim of Tim's Tours
It started early in the day.  I took a shuttle operated by "Tim's Tours."  Tim is the owner and only employee.  Talk about pride.  This guy has a lot of it... in Notre Dame and South Bend.  He's a good ambassador for Michiana.

The traffic was terrible, but I don't think the dozen or so folks on board noticed.  Tim distracted us with stories about the city and the school.  He was thrilled to tell us he drove Manti Te'o's parents to the last game.  He treated the two elderly ND alumni on the shuttle like royalty.

RUDY came up as we drove by Holy Cross.  A fan from Arizona told the guy next to him he cries every time he watches the film.  Folks then started discussing at which point they cry during the movie.  For some it's when Rudy finally gets accepted.  Others.. when Ned Beatty walks into the stadium. (That's the part that gets me... something about a dad's pride in his son.)

Mom, Dad, Me ... and a lot of ND merchandise
I couldn't help but think of Beatty's line as I walked to meet my parents, aunts and uncles at their normal tailgating spot in the parking lot in front of the Joyce Center.  There's a certain smile people have when they're at a Notre Dame game.. they all had it when I walked up.  It felt good to be with family and friends.  I was proud to be there.  I'm lucky to have found a great job, doing what I love, in a place that's so special to my family.. in a place that allows me to feel like I'm at home. 

The ND Band enters the stadium

Dad and the Good Year Blimp

te'o manti                                                    

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