Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Tippecanoe Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  For years and years my mom would cook a turkey, we'd have the annual Turkey Bowl at the park in Oak Forest and dozens of family members would come over to our house for food and a game of Trivial Pursuit.  The winning team would get bragging rights for an entire year.

I like tradition.

My career took me away from the area for a long time.  I've had plenty of Thanksgiving meals on paper plates at a desk in a newsroom.  I'm not complaining.  They were good experiences with some pretty great people.

But it sure was nice to have a Thanksgiving meal with my folks today. 

They drove to South Bend and we ate at Tippecanoe Place... and what a place it is!  I tell you what... I was expecting a good meal and a cool atmosphere, but this place went beyond my expectations.  What a cool house.  We ate in the "master bedroom" upstairs.  The place is decked out for the holidays.  I took a few shots of the outside... I wish I had more from inside!

What's the history?

This is from Tippecanoe Place's Website:

"Built by Clem Studebaker from 1886-1889, the Tippecanoe Place mansion has a rich and colorful history. Today, the restaurant indulges clientele in grand cuisine and noble wine - all within an atmosphere of unparalleled ambiance at the heart of the South Bend business and social scene."

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